South East Costal Communities Dissemination Papers

Dissemination Paper 1

The Future of Community University Engagement

This briefing paper explores the possible futures for university-community engagement in England. A number of factors make this review timely: firstly, the changed political environment since the election of the coalition government; second, the Comprehensive Spending Review published in October 2010; and finally, the ending of government funding for initiatives such as the Beacons for Public Engagement and South East Coastal Communities (SECC) programme.

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Dissemination Paper 2

Models of Partnership Working in University - Community Engagement

Who constitutes ‘the community’ and how should universities work with them? In this paper, we draw on the experience of the South East Coastal Communities (SECC) programme to explore three different ways in which participating universities chose to define approach and work with their ‘community’.

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Dissemination Paper 3

Geographies of Collaboration in University-Community Engagement

The South East Coastal Communities (SECC) programme brought together nine universities spanning the coastal region across Kent, Sussex and Hampshire. Each sub-region took a different approach to defining their community. In the third of this series of dissemination papers we look at the opportunities for sub-regional and regional
working between universities and their communities.

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Dissemination Paper 4

Embedding University- Community Partnership Working

The South East Coastal Communities (SECC) programme provided a focal point for community engagement within all nine higher education institutions involved. In this fourth paper in the SECC dissemination series, we explore the importance of an institutional strategy in embedding community engagement for the long term and identify its practical implications.

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